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Eager to get your organization some cash? TEDDY'S BIGGER BURGERS is eager to help. Giving back to the communities we serve, live and work in is part of our heart at TEDDY'S BIGGER BURGERS. Our fundraising program lets you raise money just by chowing on burgers, fries and shakes. How awesome is that?

Host a fundraiser or spirit night at your local TEDDY'S BIGGER BURGERS to raise money for your 501c(3) organization or team, and a portion of the sales you generate will be given back in support. Schedule your fundraiser today!

Fundraiser Tonight Social Square.jpg


Step 1: Book your event

Request your fundraiser at the TEDDY'S BIGGER BURGERS of your choice. Available dates and times vary by location.


Step 2: Promote your fundraiser

We provide the tools to customize flyers and online posts for your fundraiser on the Fundraising Resource Center. You just download flyers, stickers, posters and other marketing materials to print or share on social media. Refer to our How to Guide for more details.


Step 3: Get your people to TEDDY'S BIGGER BURGERS

Bring in your friends & family on your scheduled night, and we’ll donate a percentage of all sales generated by your fundraising crew back to your organization (excluding sales tax). See below for standard donation percentages. Participants must mention the fundraiser when ordering for sales to count towards the donation. Organization must bring in a minimum of $300 net sales to receive donation.


Step 4: Get paid

The more folks you bring to enjoy our fresh food, the more money you raise! You will receive your check approximately 4-6 weeks after the event has occurred.

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